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Welcome to Lawn Care Carmel! We are Hamilton County’s premier locally-owned and operated full-service landscaping and lawn care company that provides comprehensive property management for residents and business owners in the Carmel locale. From lawn maintenance jobs such as lawn mowing, pruning, fall and spring cleanups, aeration, mulching and seeding, to landscape and hardscape design, we are the one-stop-shop for any and all of your lawn care services. Simply put, one call to our team will have your home or business looking the best it ever has! We currently serve over 120 customers in Carmel and Fishers who would say the same.

Being a family-owned business, we understand that our name is on the line. As such, you can trust that each and every lawn technician we employ meets the highest standard of excellence before ever stepping foot on your property. No matter how big or small the job, we promise to treat your yard as our own. At the end of the day, we want to be the best Carmel lawn care provider money can buy. Plain and simple. If you are looking to initiate a yard maintenance or landscaping service, or transition from a previous provider, you are in the right place. Give us a call or fill out a contact form and a member from our team will reach out to you promptly to set up a free on-site estimate!

Landscaping services provided for a beautiful residential home in a Carmel suburb
Lawn Pride and Lawn Care Carmel performing comprehensive lawn care services for residential and commercial properties in Carmel, Indiana

Carmel Lawn Care Providers are NOT Created Equal...

Have you ever had a lawn care or landscaping company cancel on you? Miss a few weeks of lawn mowing service? Has your yard grown so out of control that it causes you to get judgmental looks from your neighbors? Maybe you switched to a bigger company, thinking they will be able to solve the problems your other provider left behind. Wrong again? This same set of events happens every year with countless Carmel residents, leaving you with an ugly yard and a lack of hope for ever getting it fixed. Stop the madness!

Truly Custom Lawn Care Services

Lawn Care Carmel has been in the business of transforming yards for longer than most companies have been afloat. Our years of experience make us second-to-none, and our size allows us to provide a customized service offering that meet your exact needs. If you give us a call with an immediate ask, chances are we will get there the same day. “We do the common things uncommonly well” is not just a slogan, we mean it. As a result, customers continue to put their trust in us to deliver year after year and our reputation for excellence has only continued to grow with time. Our three crews service any and all residential and commercial clients located within Carmel and Fishers Indiana. No job is too big or too small for us. From the initial property inspection and the free estimate, you will quickly see what makes us a cut above the rest!

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Lawn Care Services:


Don’t just dream of thick, luscious turf surrounding your home. Make it a reality! Customize service for your unique lawn maintenance needs.


Do you have a vision for what your residential or commercial property could look like? Let our team take your landscaping design to the next level.


Our professional lawn aeration services bring oxygen-starved soil beds to life. A properly timed aeration can make all the difference – even months later.


Nothing hides the beauty of your lawn like layers of leaves. Our yard professionals rake, blow, and bag each and every last one of them.

Landscape Edging


Besides eliminating the weeds and getting the green back in your grass, landscape edging makes your lawn pop like few other services can.


We are certified from the University of Purdue to provide the highest quality fertilization services in town. We know exactly what nutrition your yard needs.


Whether you are looking to add a mulch bed, reshape an existing one, or simply replace last year’s mulch, we have Carmel’s mulching needs covered.


Trees are beautiful additions to your yard, but stumps can be a nuisance. Our team offers superior stump removal and stump grinding services for your timber.


We are the easy button for a full yard makeover. If things have gotten out of hand, or you plot just needs a face-lift, our seasonal cleanups hit the spot!

…and anything else your yard needs!

“My husband and I switched lawn care providers FIVE times before finding a consistent and reliable company. We recommend them to anyone living in Carmel!” – Sharron C.

“We have been using Todd’s team for 4+ years and have never had a single issue. He runs a tight ship and our yard looks better than ever.” – Aaron R.

“It is a rare thing to come across a landscaping company who does such a good job. Whether it was mulch, lawn mowing, or hedge trimming, we have been extremely pleased” – Nancy E.

Carmel Lawn Care That Restores Your "Lawn Pride"

We know how hard it is to balance the responsibilities of everyday life and put in the time and effort on your yard to make it look its best. On the other hand, your grass can be the defining factor in curb appeal. Our advice? Put the lawn mower and leaf blower away and spend time doing things with the ones you love! Let our industry-leading team of lawn care professionals take your yard to the next level while you kick back and relax, knowing the job will be done right. Our crews service over 100 homes in the Carmel and Fishers area, and our number of clients continues to grow like grass. Let us give you a renewed sense of lawn pride!

Our guys are thoroughly trained in not only providing premium landscaping, but top notch customer service as well. A quick search for “landscaping near me” or “lawn care near me” is not going to result in the type of lawn you are really looking for. Chances are, you are on our site because you’ve already tried it! We have heard and seen every horror story in the book. It doesn’t take long to see that you get what you pay for. Each and every project we take on is a direct reflection of our values, and we will do whatever is necessary to make you satisfied. Whether you are looking to initiate service or transfer from a less than stellar provider, give us a call now to speak directly with one of our grass pros!

Experienced Carmel Lawn Care providers providing landscape edging after completing weekly lawn mowing service
Property in need of lawn mowing service and yard landscaping in Carmel

Grass cutting is at the core of most lawn care businesses. However, the quality and attention to detail between providers varies drastically. To give you an idea of how seriously we take mowing your lawn, let us tell you about what sets us apart. Each and every Saturday, our team meets at the shop to remove the mower blades from the week before. The old blades are then replaced with a fresh, clean, and newly-sharpened set. This means that every blade used on the job site has been balanced and prepped specifically for that week. As a result, our cuts are the cleanest, most crisp lines possible.

You would think every provider would go through the trouble of making sure their blades are top notch, right? Unfortunately, countless lawn care companies try and save money, time, and hassle by keeping the same blades on for the entire year. Instead of a pristine cut, your grass is torn, pulled, and ripped to shreds. This damages the grass fibers and compromises the soil bed. In the end, your yard suffers and another landscaping company transition is in order. When you hire us, you can trust that every detail is accounted for and that our above and beyond efforts will not go unnoticed. The difference is visible!

Lawn Mowing performed on a large, grass property in Carmel, Indiana
Using a riding lawn mower to cut grass in the front yard of a Carmel property

Landscaping is simply defined as the process of making your property more attractive. Whether you need an alteration of your existing design or the addition of decorative greenery, we have the tools and expertise to do just that. When we say full-service, we mean it! We go far beyond landscape edging to decades of experience caring for ornamental features, trees,  shrubs, and more. Our goal is to bring the back and front yard up to their fullest potential. The next time you are looking for landscaping near me, give our Carmel lawn care team a call for the highest quality and most reliable landscaping company in town.

In Carmel’s beautiful suburbs, most homes have some form of decorative landscaping. However, as homes age and properties down the street are upgraded, those styles quickly become obsolete. There is nothing our team would enjoy more than to give your property a much deserved face lift! We install and design mulch beds, import the finest quality arbors or hedges, or plant flower beds that are “Carmel Monthly-worthy”. Give us a call to get a customized landscape job to your exact specifications today. Not everyone has the luxury of becoming the nicest property on the street. That is, until now! Fill out a contact form or give our team a ring for unbeatable landscaping and lawn care services today.

Carmel Lawn Care Service provides landscaping and edging in Central Indiana
Green grass in the front yard of a large suburban residence after fertilizing and mowing from Lawn Care Carmel

Lawn Mowing to Landscape Edging...
Lawn Care Carmel Has You Covered!

Your Carmel lawn needs the correct nutrients in order to survive and thrive. Just like our bodies, it is essential to feed your grass with the natural ingredients it requires. Lawn fertilization programs go far beyond spreading seed. Your individual grass requires a customized plan executed at the appropriate time to ensure your soil and root structures grow as strong as possible. Done incorrectly, even the slightest variations in insects, moisture levels, or weather conditions can throw your yard off-track for the rest of the year.

If someone from Lawn Care Carmel steps foot on your lawn regarding fertilization, know they are professionally trained and certified through the highest standards that Purdue University requires. Our lawn service company will deliver industry-leading and science-backed fertilizer treatments that are guaranteed to give your turf the boost it needs to stay green year-round. Combining the right amount of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium can take your turf to the next level. Fertilization is NOT the service to trust to just anyone. Give Lawn Care Carmel an opportunity to show you why our yard fertilization programs are the best in the business.

Aeration is usually the most neglected service out of any when it comes to routine lawn maintenance. Unfortunately, without it, your grass and soil bed may find it extremely difficult to obtain the oxygen, water, fertilizer, and other organic matter that it so desperately relies on for growth. As soil gets compacted, the natural “tunnels” which act as delivery channels become collapsed and impassable. That is where a high quality lawn aerator comes in.

Also referred to as core plugging, lawn aerator services allow water and oxygen to go to work. Once made available to the grass, they immediately start to remove harmful dissolved gasses such as carbon dioxide. Not only that, but dangerous metals such as iron, hydrogen sulfide, and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) quickly become oxidized. Not to get too “into the weeds”, but we know the importance of aeration for Carmel lawns. Between compaction and thatch, it is crucial to open up the lungs of your soil and allow your yard to breathe once again. If your lawn struggles with drainage, continues to experience stubborn brown spots, or is simply less than stellar in appearance, yard aeration may be just what you need. Give Lawn Care Carmel a call today and we can tell you for sure!

Lawn Care Services and lawn mowing included with lawn fertilizer
Lawn Aerator Services provided by Lawn Care Carmel and Lawn Pride

Simply put, we mulch Carmel Indiana! When the time comes to lay the bags, spread the chips, and manicure the mulch beds, we are the landscaping company to call. Dozens of residents and business owners rely on Lawn Care Carmel for timely and professional mulch installation services that are sure to deliver a pop to your yard. Not only does it look beautiful, but mulch serves a number of very important purposes. These include stalling evaporation, hindering weed growth, and moderating the temperature of the soil.

However, there are a number of mistakes homeowners or large landscaping companies make when installing mulch. The first, and most glaring mistake is mulching too soon! There is a delay between when the weather heats up outside and when the internal temperature of the ground warms. Installing mulch early can prevent that warming, often stunting your plant and greenery growth for the year. Common mistakes we see in Carmel also include mixing the mulch into the soil, failing to eradicate weeds prior to installation, using too much mulch, or using the wrong kind of mulch. Don’t fall victim to these simple mistakes! Call Lawn Care Carmel for timely and professionally executed mulching services.

As a Midwesterner, you know firsthand how quickly the seasons can change. At every transition, special care and attention needs to be paid to your yard. If you are looking for a specific service such as leaf removal, snow removal, or general Fall and Spring cleanups, we are the team to call. As we say, “if it has to do with the outside of your home, we do it”.

Mulch Carmel Indiana and lawn care services from lawn care Carmel