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Dethatching in Carmel, Indiana

Thatch is another thing that compromises the drainage of your soil. It is a mixture of living and dead plant material on the surface of your lawn’s soil, and it’s very common in Carmel. When your lawn is covered in thatch, it becomes barren and dull-colored. Most people don’t even notice the layer of material that forms over time, and the result can be quite significant. Dethatching is a common practice that should be done at least annually to ensure the overall health and functionality of your grass is maintained to the highest degree.

The quality of your soil heavily depends on how well-drained it is. The soil integrity is tested during periods of rainfall. During that time, people commonly observe water pooling in their lawns. This can have a damaging effect on the grass and soil beds underneath if water is left standing for too long.

Well-Aerated and Well-Drained Soil

If you have been observing a pooling or draining inefficiency, your soil must be compacted and needs aeration. With appropriate dethatching, Lawn Care Carmel removes any unneeded material that is sitting on top of your lawn’s soil and allows your turf to drain properly. If you want a vibrant and colorful lawn, you need to include regular dethatching and aeration to your lawn’s routine maintenance. We use the latest and specialized equipment to dethatch and aerate your lawn in a matter of minutes.

If you aren’t satisfied with the state of your yard or have been observing something odd, call us. Lawn Care Carmel will not only find the “root” cause of your lawn problems, but also fix them. Apart from bringing solutions to dethatching, we provide comprehensive lawn maintenance services that are second to none.

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