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Do you ever wonder how your neighbors get their lawns to look lush and green? It likely goes beyond mowing. The secret tends to lie in a properly executed yard fertilizing program. Fertilization is integral to effective lawn care and the resulting effects can be seen year after year. Like most living organisms, lawns require key nutrients for the most dramatic growth to occur. In their “natural” diet, Carmel lawns tend to fall short in what is required. As a result, supplementation with fertilizer is usually necessary.

Augmenting the environment’s natural nutrients is at the crux of why fertilization treatment is recommended. Spreading fertilizer helps bolster the chemical profile, while upgrading the outward appearance one at the same time. Beneath the green, thick blades of a healthy turf, proper nutrition helps to improve water absorption, increases resistance to lawn pests, and assists to inhibit weed growth. Since a strong root structure and topsoil require a significant amount of resources, it helps to prevent anything other than your grass from receiving them. If you are looking for a mean, green machine, give us a call today to speak with our yard fertilization experts!

Yard Fertilization and Timing

Fertilizing your lawn might sound like a straightforward process, but getting it just right is no “stroke of luck”. Between the growth-stopping effects of thatch and soil compaction, we often find that our clients have attempted to fertilize the yard without much to show for it. As a result, unsightly brown patches have become defining characteristics for many lawns. Unless you are familiar with the macro- or micro- nutrients needed to properly sustain flourishing Carmel turf, your lawn could miss the mark.

Macronutrients consist of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). This group is otherwise abbreviated the NPK ratio. Each of these elements have a significant impact on growth processes that are critical to achieving your best lawn. From general growth, to the development of chlorophyll and improved protein synthesis, the optimal ratio helps to attack your turf’s weak spots from every angle.

Timing is also very important. Most lawns benefit from an annual fertilizer feeding in the fall, so your lawn can prepare for winter with proper nutrients. It is also a good time to fertilize in the spring because that is when grass begins its growth cycle. Warm season grasses often thrive with a slow-release formula at the start of the spring, summer and fall seasons. Cool season grass is slightly lower maintenance, and you can fertilize it in the spring and fall. You don’t usually need to fertilize cool season grass in the summer as it tends to go dormant. Without an informed process, you may decide to seed incorrectly.

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Fertilizing unhealthy grass with brown dead spots due to poor nutrition in Carmel, Indiana

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Professional Fertilizing Makes A Difference

For many new residents of Carmel, the first step after moving is often to envision the landscaping of your property.  They have already picked out where new trees will go and where the shrubs may need to be trimmed. That being said, most homeowners likely haven’t given much thought to a fertilization program. Undoubtedly, fertilization is much more important than landscaping when it comes to attaining and retaining the beautiful look of your grass. Your lawn needs a proper and well-thought-out fertilization plan to achieve a robust root system underneath your soil that will keep strong all year round. The right program implemented at the right time can make all the difference.

There is a reason we have team member on staff with 40 years of experience in yard fertilization. It truly is a science! Our team will give you a free consultation after taking a look at your grass and determine a custom application program that meets the needs of your lawn, and subsequently, you. Give Lawn Care Carmel a call to see how big of a difference professional fertilization can really make.

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Is Phosphorous in Fertilizer Bad?

Here in Indiana, the vast majority of properties have a sufficient amount of phosphorous. Although it is a common and often important ingredient in the NPK fertilizer ratio, having too much phosphorous can be damaging in ways that may be unseen to you.

Whether you are fertilizing your garden yourself or hiring a company to do it for you, make sure the fertilizer doesn’t contain excessive phosphorus. This is because phosphorus, when washed into streams and lakes, promotes algae growth and even toxic algal blooms. Lawn Care Carmel tests your soil before using any product to make sure your levels are adequate for what your yard needs. Therefore, we know when and where to use (and not to use) phosphorus-containing fertilizers. It is important to do our part in keeping the rivers and streams of our beautiful community as healthy as possible and promote the sustainability of all wildlife habitat.

Appropriate Use of Slow-Release Formulations

All over Indiana, fertilizers with slow-release nitrogen formulations have become very popular. These fertilizers help in bringing about a steady growth throughout your garden. Slow-releasing fertilizers last very long—about 6 to 8 weeks. Therefore, they are less likely to burn your plants and grass. That said, their slow-release quality can be a disadvantage too.

It is common that these formulations result in nutrients being less readily available on your soil. In low temperatures, slow-release fertilizers are even slower. They also increase the water requirements of your turf, making it more expensive on the back end to maintain. To top it off, they are often more pricey than any other type of fertilizer! As noted, there are many factors to consider when selecting a fertilizer. Lawn Care Carmel has professionals that, with their expert-level knowledge, can select the right product for you.

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