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Affordable Landscaping Services in Carmel, Indiana

At Lawn Care Carmel, we know that designing, creating, and maintaining a landscape adds immeasurable value to your home or business. It not only upgrades the aesthetics, but can provide increased security, add value, and save on energy. With proper and professional care, the life of your trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plant life can be extended significantly. 

Our success as a landscaping company stems from our ability to provide fair and affordable pricing for the specific job required. When accounting for the level of detail and care paid to each aspect of your job, our quality is simply unmatched. If you are looking for someone to work alongside you in designing and implementing your perfect landscaping project, we are the team to do so. If you are looking for someone to maintain what you feel is already a beautiful landscape, we do it better than anyone in the business. Give Lawn Care Carmel a call or fill out a quote form to get the process started immediately!

Residential Landscaping

Our landscape designers have the capability to service properties in all of Central Indiana – large, small, and everything in between. We realize the importance of an attractive, well-maintained home. The landscaping professionals here would love to help you create a unique landscape design that will grow and mature well through the years. We take into consideration all aspects including security, maintenance, color preferences and overall look of the design in contrast with your home. Knowing that landscape design is a investment in your property, our team is also available for maintenance services, like spring and fall cleanups and fertilizing

Commercial Landscaping

Professional commercial landscaping contributes an integral human element to business both large and small. The addition of trees, grass flowers, and pathways to a business-like setting makes people feel more comfortable with your facility, which helps to improve their overall experience with your company. It also adds to the professional perception of how you conduct business. Paying attention to the little things with regard to landscaping indicates you would do the same for your customers. Our team will remain directly involved in every aspect of your landscape design, and will consistently meet project goals and scheduling requirements for the agreed upon budget. No job in all of Carmel is too big our too small for our crew. If you are a business looking to hire a best-in-the-business landscaping company, look no further. Call Lawn Care Carmel today!

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Lawn mowing and landscaping in the front yard of a beautiful Carmel residence

Landscape Edging

Grass edging is an essential service that we provide with each and every lawn care or landscaping job. It creates clean, crisp lines between beds and other areas. Properly executed landscape edging will enhance a flower border or shrub bed and uplift the look of the entire surrounding garden. However, as with all lawn care and landscaping jobs, there are ways to perform edging in a way that not only looks good, but performs as well. Over the past few years, there has been a significant issue with the growth of weeds along edging lines. This occurs after edge grass has been cut too low. The nutrients have been thinned out and the ability to prevent weed growth is decreased.

When we service our clients, we won’t ignore the big picture and trim the grass extremely low just to make it look good. We refuse to perform services that will knowingly lead to problems down the road. We will do what is necessary to achieve the look you want, while also taking into account the consequences of our strategy. Lawn Care Carmel is your expert team for any and all landscaping jobs!

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