Lawn Seeding & Overseeding Services

Lawn Seeding

The first step towards attaining a beautiful yard is seeding. Lawn Care Carmel are your the area’s experts when it comes to planting new grass seeds. Lawn maintenance packages in Carmel can be customized to incorporate lawn seeding services aimed at turning dirt into a beautiful green carpet. For a thicker, fuller lawn that will last, call our crews to do the job right!

Depending on your soil and desired grass characteristics, optimal seed choice may vary. We walk you through the process to find exactly what meets the unique needs of your yard. After deciding the right seed, your lawn will be prepped and readied for spreading and fertilization. Our team of grass care professionals will ensure your lawn achieves a robust growth that will stay beautiful year-round.

Lawn Overseeding

The purpose of overseeding a Carmel lawn is to fill in the bare spots and eliminate the areas that may be thinning. Whether due to pets, intense sunlight, or a lack of water, overseeding can often provide a solution that bolsters the look an feel of your turf. The Spring and Fall seasons tend to be the times in which overseeding offers the most benefit, as proper pairing with lawn aeration can produce unbeatable results. By offering the seeds holes to penetrate the surface, germination and overall success of the seeds greatly increases. At the end of the day, Lawn Care Carmel offers an industry-leading overseeding program that can give you the trophy lawn you’ve always wanted.

Lawn Care Carmel performing seeding and overseeding services in Carmel

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