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Leaf Removal in Carmel, Indiana

The need for leaf removal services is often the byproduct of having mature, beautiful trees accenting your home or business. Although they look wonderful changing colors, they quickly blanket your property and often result in unsightly deck or concrete stains if not removed promptly. If left unattended, they can even have negative consequences on the growth of your greenery.

Lawn Care Carmel provides property-wide leaf removal service that keeps wet, matted leaves a thing of the past. No matter when the leaves fall during the end of the year, we will be there to clean them up. Give us a call or fill out a quote form to get a crew out to your property as soon as possible!

Why is Leaf Removal Important?

Many homeowners speculate on the actual need to cleanup the leaves each year. “Don’t they end up decomposing anyway?” Here are a few reasons why leaf removal makes more than just a visual impact on your property:

  • Leaves grow mold – when left to become wet and cold, the resulting mold growth can wreak havoc on surrounding plant growth and even present a health risk for your family.
  • Leaves act as doors, not windows – when your grass is blanketed by a cover of leaves, it severely minimizes the necessary sun, air, and water needed to thrive during the winter.
  • A doorstep for pests and disease – leaves left on your lawn for weeks or months at a time can invite pests and other diseases to take root. Snow mold and brown patch fungus are not good additions to your lawn.

Leaf removal is a simple service that can have far-reaching implications on the global health of your landscape. Make this fall more simple by giving Lawn Care Carmel a call and letting us handle the job.

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