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Tree pruning is the act of selectively removing branches from a tree. Whether it be to improve the visual appearance, avoid objects such as electrical wires, or to stimulate new growth, pruning is essential to healthy trees. Removing old branches decreases the risk of potential damage that may result from a storm or high wind. Additionally, it gives your greenery a polished look that can greatly impact the overall feel of your property. If your trees are overhanging your roof, scratching against your gutters, or are simply overgrown, pruning may be exactly what your yard needs. As long as it doesn’t require tall ladders or carabiners, Lawn Care Carmel has your tree pruning covered.

Different Types of Pruning

Pruning can be used as an umbrella term to refer to a number of specific methods that can be used. Depending on what the goals of your lawn or property are, pruning is often categorized into the following buckets:

Thinning – this method involves removing a branch or limb at its point of origin. For trees possessing weak, damaged, or excessive shoots, it can be important to remove these limbs to revitalize growth. As a result, the new limbs will be more likely to bloom, flower, or bear fruit.

Raising – this method refers to the removal of lower branches of the tree in order to provide visual or physical clearance. For trees that hang over sidewalks, vehicles, or structures, it may be important to raise the overall profile of the tree.

Topping – this method is used less frequently, but can come in handy for younger trees that need to be trained for pollarding or trellising.  It involves removing everything but the trunk or a few large branches.

Reduction – as the name suggests, reduction pruning decreases the size of a tree. By focusing on the branch terminals, one can clear space for electrical lines or simply to maintain a smaller tree. This method can be very important when needing to maintain the structural integrity.

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